au domain names

What are .au domain names?

You can now have a shorter '.au' domain name for your website. The shift would be the most significant for Australian websites in decades. Making shorter and easier-to-remember internet URLs.

You have the precedence in registering the '.au' name to match if your company already operates a website with an Australian domain. For example, you can register for '' if your current website is ''.

What are the benefits?

When domains go on sale next month, criminals could take advantage of them. This could involve brands and or identities impersonated.

Domain names are essential to a company's success and serve as its identification. Small companies cannot afford to have their personal information sold to another party.

This is comparable to making a second set of front door keys and giving them to a competitor or a stranger.  They might try and sell it to you at a higher price. They might be a thief and use the domain to defraud your clients.

Do you want to protect your brand and identity? Then you should get a '.au' domain now. Contact Skope IT to arrange it now before it is too late.

.au Domains


When do I need to purchase a new .au domain name?

If you already purchased an Australian domain name before 24th March 2022, then you can apply for priority status. You have until 9.29 am ACST (Adelaide) on September 21, 2022, to register your '.au' domain to match your current domain.

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