Baited and Hooked – Gone Phishing – Part 2

How do I spot a suspicious, or phishing email? The very first thing to look at with any suspected email is the subject line.  The following are good indications that something is not quite right: Maybe it’s offering you something too good to be truePerhaps it’s trying to entice you with something strange or unexpectedOr…
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Phishing emails – Baited and Hooked Pt 1

Being part of the connected online world, just like the real world, comes with its fair share of dangers.  Viruses, scams, and ransomware, just to name a few. Perhaps one of the most prevalent dangers of the present day is that of phishing emails. As the name suggests, phishing scams bait the target, hook them, and then…
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Encryption – Do I Really Need It?

So what is encryption? Almost everyone is familiar with the basics of codes and cyphers used to transmit secret messages.  Most would be familiar with the basic substitution cypher, where one letter or number is used to represent another. Sending a secret message requires that the sender encode or encrypt the message and that the…
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