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Experiencing computer difficulties? Sometimes it’s as easy to fix as turning it off and on again. To some, this may seem like an impractical resolution, however most IT specialists would agree that turning your computer on and off again is the golden solution. Some issues require a deeper analysis of course, but before you panic and reach out to your IT specialist, perform this simple step and you may be surprised to find your device has been restored!  So why exactly is this so important and what issues can it resolve? Continue reading to find out more.



A simple reboot of your computer can help your computer analyse and overcome certain technical issues. If some programs have frozen on your device, by simply turning your computer on and off again, those programs will be restored and should work efficiently again. If the issue cannot be resolved, your computer will then be able to inform you whether or not the issue is problematic, or whether it is a permanent issue or not. This will then help you determine whether you need further assistance from your IT specialist.



By rebooting your computer, you essentially clear the existing state of your software and restart it.  Common errors which most of us encounter such as the Windows Blue Screen are minimal errors which often are resolved when you reboot the system. When you restart your computer, it automatically scans for other issues and will resolve them on its own accord. So, if your computer appears to be underperforming, switch it on and off again and this should resolve your issues.



Are you experiencing a poor internet connection? Turn it on and off again! There’s nothing worse than an internet connection which repeatedly drops out or is running extremely slow.

Your router or modem may be experiencing difficulties so by restarting your computer you can enable a new connection. This is a frequently used technique to solve most internet connection concerns and will most likely help you to be able to solve the issue yourself before reaching out to an IT company.



If certain programs on your device are using an excessive amount of memory or hard drive space, this could also slow your computer down until this issue is resolved. By rebooting your computer, your entire system undergoes a refresh and shuts down any programs which are unnecessarily running in the background using up your memory.



If your computer is running slower than usual, this could be as a result of a specific program malfunctioning which has in turn used up the majority of your CPU, overworking your computer. This can usually be fixed by opening your task manager and ending the tasks which are not responding, or a quicker resolution is to simply reboot your entire computer. This is often a quick resolution and will save you time, eliminating the need to call an IT professional who will most likely perform the same step.


For those who aren’t necessarily IT geniuses, it’s normal to feel a sense of frustration when you notice your computer isn’t performing as well as it usually does. Your first instinct may be to call your IT specialist however you can save yourself time by simply rebooting your system as this often resolves most common technical issues. If turning your computer on and off again doesn’t seem to resolve your concerns, there may be a deeper-rooted issue which requires the assistance of a professional. At Skope IT, we provide full IT support in Adelaide to get your computer back up and running. Speak to Michael Nedic today on 1800 898 653 to find out more.



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