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So, you’re an SME with a fairly decent computer set up. If you’re tech-savvy, you’ve probably done a lot of it yourself…setting up computers, getting online and so forth. But what happens now that you’ve gotten bigger. What do you do now that your business is expanding? This is when you should be thinking pretty seriously about handing over the reins and engaging an Adelaide IT provider.

Most companies are large enough to need IT services. But the challenge is determining which Adelaide IT provider is best suited for your business…because not all IT providers are the same. There are critical things that you need to be aware of when choosing an Adelaide IT service provider.

Here are ten things you should consider.


1. Advice and expertise

A good starting point for taking on an Adelaide IT provider is sitting down with them and discussing your future technology plans. Look for their advice and expertise to assist you with yearly planning and ways on how to save money and improve efficiency on technology that will help your company grow to the next level. A forward-thinking IT provider will look out for your interests and will discuss with you things like:

  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Third-party Vendor Partnerships
  • Daily Backups and Cloud Services
  • Security Testing and Monitoring
  • Employee Support
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Communications

When engaging an Adelaide IT provider, have a really good idea of the sort of thing you’re after before you make the call. Make sure there is open communication between you and your IT provider and be open to suggestions that your consultant offers to improve your business.


2. Transparency and Honesty

You want your IT service provider to be as open and honest in their business transactions as you are. That means quotes that don’t mysteriously change halfway through the job, quality products and parts, excellent workmanship, and job efficiency.


3. Being there when it matters

You may not work 24 hours a day, but if your computer network needs to, your IT provider should too. When you choose any Adelaide IT service provider, ensure your provider is available to tackle any problems or critical issues 24/7. If you run an online retail business, for example, your IT provider will need to understand that your business depends on a healthy network.


4. Small business looking after small business

Bigger is often not always better, especially in the IT industry. You’re more likely to receive quicker, more personal attention from a smaller IT provider than from a large company where you’re just a number. You will get to know your consultant and, more importantly, they will get to know your business and what it needs both now and in the future.


5. Community

Look for an Adelaide IT provider involved in the local business community. Are they part of a business network? Do they provide pro bono services for, or support, a charitable cause? What about their reputation? And if you’re looking to take on or change your IT support, don’t be afraid to do a bit of background research, and to ask for references.


6. Ongoing training

A good IT service provider never stops learning and keeping up with the latest technology. In fact, their livelihood depends on it! Ongoing training and continuing education are paramount in the IT industry, and your local Adelaide IT service provider should be as up-to-date as possible with the latest trends, and be current with their certifications.


7. Local Support

Obviously, using a local Adelaide IT provider makes more sense than leaving your IT issues up to an interstate provider…especially if the issue requires a tech to be at your premises. Make sure you choose a local provider who is available for onsite support. This ensures you have access to the best service.


8. Quick turnaround

Not only does your IT provider need to be accessible at all times, but they also need to respond quickly to your needs and issues. Make sure that if your Adelaide IT provider uses a call centre that they actually respond promptly. Where possible, look for guaranteed response time.


9. Research and Problem Solving

Sometimes, an issue pops up where an answer isn’t readily available. Rather than just shrugging it off, a reliable Adelaide IT service provider will take the time to research and problem solve the issue. You can then make the determination with your consultant on the best way forward.


10. Looking after your IT and your bottom line

If you’re looking to improve efficiency by saving time, reducing costs on problems before they occur, or avoiding expensive disasters and repairs, your Adelaide IT service provider can bring significant value to your business and improve your bottom line. Spend a little time to find a true IT partner who wants to understand your business and look out for your technology needs to help your business grow to the next level.

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If you want to know more about the critical differences between IT providers, contact Michael Nedic and his team at SkopeIT and discover how they can help your business.


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