Backups. Are you protected enough?

You’re probably well aware of the need for regular backing up of all your IT. Back-ups are your fail-safe. If everything that can possibly go wrong does, effective back-ups give you the best chance of being able to get up and running again swiftly. They just make sense.

So why do so many companies ignore the importance of having diligent back-ups as part of their daily operating procedure?

“We don’t need backups, we are not at risk.”

Some think it’s unnecessary. These people are kidding themselves. The odds are that your business is going to have a system failure in the near future. When that failure happens, you need to be prepared and protected.

“Backups: It’s too complicated.”

Others think it’s all too hard. But it doesn’t need to be. Not even close. Easily managed, user-friendly backup systems can be implemented at a low cost for any business. The peace of mind these backups provide are worth the price alone, let alone the disaster they prevent when (not if) a system failure strikes.

The best approach?

The best approach is a custom-designed strategy for your particular needs.

But, a good “general” approach is an online backup system that automatically backs EVERYTHING up, twice a day (at least once) without requiring any effort or action on your part.

“Can I do it myself?”

You could. Sure. You could also cut your own hair. But I think we’d all agree that it makes much more sense to have a professional do it.

Michael Nedic at Skope IT is our online backup expert. When it comes to ascertaining your needs and designing an easy, no-fuss backup system for your business, there’s no one with more knowledge.

To discuss¬†back-ups and any needs you may have, drop us a line here, and we’ll have Michael contact you to share his knowledge and advice.

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